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Rainwater Harvesting Training Center Kefenrod Germany

  1. In 1990 a pioneer in rainwater harvesting in Germany Nobert Winkler and his wife Helga Winkler started the first rainwater harvesting training school in Germany (also first in the world) in Kefenrod, Buedingen. Later it becomes the Kefenrod Rainwater Harvesting Training Center(Schulungszentrum Kefenrod). Throughout the years nearly 20,000 trainees from everywhere in Germany and other countries received teachings from here. (See photos of the Winklers) From here rainwater harvesting in Germany moves on to the right direction, with important influence from the Training Center.

  2. At this time the German rainwater harvesting guideline DIN1989 has gradually become the foundation of the rainwater products development and manufacturing in Germany(See DIN1989 attached). Mr.Winkler’s contribution to DIN1989 is very important. DIN1989 requires that, in any rainwater harvesting equipment, the diameter of the rainwater tunnel between inlet and outlet shall not be smaller than that of the inlet/outlet. This guarantees there will be no clogging inside the equipment, which is important, especially where there is a sleet situation.
  1. The Center conduct classes on weekends, i.e., Saturdays and Fridays. On special occasions it is possible also on weekdays. The classes lasts for 1 - 2 days. School charges includes teaching material (see German incentive legislation for rainwater), food, but does not include accomodation. Hotels and private rooms are available. Each class is no more than 50 persons. Germany is about the similar size of a province such as Hebei in China. Highway and railway links are convenient.

  2. The Center is now called Schulungszentrum Regenwassernutzung Kefenrod. Training is now available in China for Chinese government and private organizations via the German Chamber of Commerce(AHK) and the German Embassy. Please contact these offices, or call the persons as follows for assistance.

Contact Details for the Training-Center:

Mr. Lu Lei:
+86 21-39873227(Shanghai Office)

Mr. Y.T. Tzeng:
+86 18602106700

Mr. Jan Maurer:
+49 6054912135